missional practices

Since we believe worship is following Jesus, or obedience to Christ, we take a different approach to gathering on Sundays.  We see following and obeying Jesus as more than attending church for an hour or so every Sunday. The rest of the week is just as important. Our entire lives can and should be worship and the reorienting of our lives around the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

That is why we’ve adopted these gospel-intentional rhythms or common practices:

BLESS  --  Look for opportunities to bless three people every week, at least one of which is an intentional and purposeful blessing to someone who has yet to follow Christ.  Everything counts, from cooking a meal for a neighbor to an encouraging conversation to sharing the Good News of Jesus.  It all counts.  Who has God put in your life that you are to bless?

EAT  --  Share three meals each week with a friend, neighbor or coworker, at least one of which is someone who has yet to follow Christ.  On average, we eat 21 meals a week.  We ask that you take three of them and open your table or share a table at a cafe or pub.  Eating with others is the fastest way to build deeper relationships. 

LEARN  --  If we are going to truly follow Jesus and His way of living, we must be committed to becoming a lifelong learner of who Jesus is.  Set aside three periods of time each week for intentional and purposeful study.  Discover the medium in which you best learn and commit to learning and relearning about Jesus. 

LISTEN  --  As we learn and relearn about Jesus, listening to the Holy Spirit is crucial for the life of a Christ-follower.  Similar to the Learn rhythm, set aside three periods of time each week for silent reflection with the Holy Spirit.  As you meditate, ask the Holy Spirit "What's next?"  Sit quietly and listen.  Let your mind run.  What is God saying to you? 

SEND  --  We are a sent people and a sent church.  In order to keep our mission of //Revealing Christ by Loving and Serving the Neighborhood// red-hot, we must continually reflect on who Christ is sending us to.  Who has Christ placed in your mission field who has yet to follow Christ?  Who are you blessing in hopes of being able to share who Christ is in your life and who He is in the world?  We must, as a church, pray for each other and each other's mission fields.