Your Story In 3 Words

Your story is an effective way to share the Goods News of Jesus Christ because it is your story -- edited by you, filtered by you, qualified by you and told by you.

You can tell it anywhere, and it includes how you came to know the lordship of Jesus Christ and how others can too.

Here are the steps to creating your Three Word Story.

The First Word: ___________________
Your first word should describe your life, feelings, situation, thoughts, etc., before you placed your faith in Christ.

Consider: angry, independent, manipulative, miserable, hopeless, empty, addicted, aimless, restless, striving, confused, insecure

The Second Word: ___________________
Your second word should describe how you came to trust in Christ and place Jesus as Lord of your life.

Consider: creation, studied, church, grew, Bible, friend, trouble, observation, evangelist, spouse, loved

The Final Word: ___________________ Your third and final word should describe your life, feelings, situation, thoughts, etc., since orienting your life around the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Consider: approachable, peaceful, generous, loving, brave, caring, teacher, mentor, servant, elder, hopeful, compassionate, confident

 Once you have your three words, come up with one or two sentences for each word. Provide a brief explanation of how each word relates to your story.  For the second word, make sure to include a clear and concise explanation of how you can place your trust in Jesus.

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