What Is Grace?

During a British conference on comparative religion, experts had gathered from around the world to debate those things that made the Christian faith unique. Slowly, the experts began eliminating one possibility at a time. 

Some thought it was the incarnation that made Christianity unique, but as they discussed this, it became evident that there are other religions that claim gods appearing in human form. Some suggested that the resurrection is the only unique element to Christianity, yet as they studied they found accounts in other religions of people returning from the dead. 

As time passed, the debates grew more heated. C. S. Lewis, whom many believe to have been one of the greatest Christian thinkers in the twentieth century, strolled in. 

Lewis had heard the shouting from down the hall, and as he entered the room he asked, “What’s all the rumpus about?” His colleagues told him of their discussions as to what made Christianity unique from the other world religions. Lewis responded, “Oh, that’s easy, it’s grace.” And after further discussion they finally all agreed. 

Grace sets the Christian faith apart from every other world religion. 

What is grace? Simply put, grace is God’s unmerited favor. You cannot earn grace; you cannot do anything to deserve grace. It is simply God doing something for you with no strings attached. God’s grace is solely motivated by love: deep, abiding, unconditional, sacrificial love.

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