Mother's Day: A Day to Celebrate & Mourn

As we count the days down to Mother's Day, I know for some, it is a wild card.  Mother's Day is something that I have come to celebrate and even enjoy over the years.  But early in my adult life, it was a day of torture to endure.  Celebrate was not a word I would use for the day.

Though Mother's Day was intended to be a day of celebration, it can often be a reminder of past hurts and current trials.  As we celebrate with our families, please join me in praying for those who who will struggle this weekend because of an abusive or traumatic childhood. Maybe they have loss their mom or a child.  Especially for the families that are struggling through infertility, who often keep it a secret and suffer right under our noses. 

The Church is called to celebrate and honor all of life, to give thanks together and to mourn together.  Please don't misunderstand me, celebrate this Sunday! Rejoice with your family and truly enjoy the day.  Laugh and have a great time, it's totally cool to do that.

But if you know someone who will struggle this weekend because of Mother's Day, just consider taking a moment from celebrating to give them a call, to give them a hug and let them know you are thinking and praying for them. Take time to honor them. They won't expect you to fix it, but knowing you care will mean the world to them.

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