Look! A Sunrise. Where's My Phone?

Did you see the sunrise this morning!?  What a beautiful piece of art!  Our Creator is truly an artist.  I saw several people out this morning trying to snag photos of it with their cell phones in the air as if a UFO had just appeared in the sky.  I have to confess, I too was guilty of snapping a few pics. 

As I was taking the picture, I was instantly dissatisfied with the results.  No matter how many pictures I took, it just didn't do it justice.  I was incapable of capturing the reds, the blues, the shadows, the bright rays of sunlight bursting through.  It was un-photographable!

Terry's horrible cell phone picture! You had to be there.
In my frustration, I could hear God speak to me, at that very moment.  "This sunrise isn't here today for you to enjoy later.  Enjoy it now!"

This artistic masterpiece wasn't created for me to enjoy through a copy via horrible cell phone picture, but it was to be enjoyed in the moment.  This moment!  God created it for His people to marvel at it today, to be enjoyed now, not later.

Let's not put off enjoying what God desires for us to enjoy today.  Hug your kiddos, call up a friend you haven't seen in awhile; I pray that you are finding ways to enjoy God today, at this very moment.

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