Work Is Worship

Do you dread Monday mornings? Do you find yourself forcing yourself to struggle through the week for a paycheck?  Many times work is very draining, we feel trapped and beaten up!

Some people love their work. They are good at what they do, it energized them.  At work, they find fulfillment!

Whatever the case may be for you, do you remember to connect your work with God?  Do you consider the reasons God might have you where you are?  What purpose and meaning might you bring to your work?

Often times, we only concern ourselves with how our work makes us feel.  But what if we saw our work as an opportunity to worship God?

Our mission is in the marketplace, in the schools, in the cubicle. When we do our jobs with excellence, integrity and diligence it’s an act of worship.  God created us to work and to worship. For us, Work Is Worship!

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