Partnership Brunch | This Sunday, June 30th

This Sunday, we will gather together for our Partnership Brunch.  We only have 2-3 of these each year, so make sure your calendar is clear!  For those who haven't been to a Partnership Brunch, here are a couple of things to ease any curiosity about partnership here at Life Church Austin.
  • We prefer the term "Partnership" over membership.  Since we are a "no spectator church," everyone is a partner if you are furthering our mission of making disciples and living a missional-incarnational life while being committed to one another.
  • Attending the Partnership Brunch doesn't make you partner!  Everyone is welcome to check us out in their own timing!
  • At Life Church Austin, we do not sign a partnership covenant or make you go through a class.  How you live and participate in the church community is enough to determine partnership.
  • The purpose of partnership is a biblical one, we believe God calls all followers to be a part of a local church; this is partnership.
  • Why a Partnership Brunch?  Because we need to come together a few times a year and discuss the spiritual, emotional & financial state of the church.  This keeps us all heading in the right direction and striving for the right mission!
I hope everyone makes time to get together this Sunday.  With so many changes over the last 6 months, this partnership brunch is crucial if we are all to be on the same page.  We will do brunch like every other Sunday Gathering, just bring something tasty to eat and share.
We will get started at 11:00am!

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