[Discipling Relationship]... Getting Started

What is a Discipling Relationship?  [DR]s are simple, yet powerful! They incorporate the values of community and life transformation.
Here is a simple overview of what a [DR] is:
  • [DR]s meet once a week or at least once every two weeks for about an hour.
  • [DR]s are groups of 2 or 3 people.  The addition of a 4th person is the beginning of a new [DR].
  • [DR]s are NOT co-ed, but rather gender specfic.
  • [DR]s are not curriculum, workbook or training-based.
  • [DR]s are not lead by a leader.
  • [DR]s have three goals to be accomplished
    • Study the Bible.
    • Live a life on mission.
    • Be led by the Holy Spirit.
The purpose of gathering in these smaller groups is that might encourage and help one another live a Gospel-Centered, Mission-Focused & Spirit-Led life.  This is what living as a disciple of Christ looks like.

When we gather together in our [DR]s, we are concerned with three questions:
  1. What has God been telling you through His Word?  Gospel-Centered
  2. How have you been living missionally?  Mission-Focused
  3. Who are you praying for?  Spirit-Led

Below is the back of a [DR] Card.  These questions are to be asked of one another in a weekly or bi-weekly meeting of accountability.

Proverbs 27:17 says, "Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." These questions are to stimulate conversations of character and confession of sin in a safe environment which values honesty, vulnerability, confidentiality, and grace.

We also encourage everyone keep a REAP Journal and be prepared to share that in your [DR].  You can learn more about what a R.E.A.P. Journal is here.

And finally, everyone in the group is to identify two people you feel led to pray for their salvation. List the names on your card so that you pray for each person weekly. We recommend that you keep this card in your Bible as a book mark for your daily reading so that each time you open your Bible you are reminded to pray for them.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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