Two Ways To Live Life

In front of the GE Building in New York City there stands a massive statue. It’s the statue of a man straining to carry the entire world on his shoulders. Put yourself in front of that statue for a moment. Look at it. Think about it. If you wish, you can live your life that way. You can focus on yourself. You can look to yourself for answers. You can take all the problems of your life and work them out on your own. You can carry your world on your shoulders.

But now, cross the street. Go into the church that stands directly across from the man carrying the world. Walk up to the altar. Go behind the altar. There you will see another statue. This statue is of Jesus as a young boy. Look closely. In his hand he’s holding something, and he’s holding it without any effort or worry or strain. In his hand rests the entire world.

There are two ways to live. You can carry the world, or Jesus can carry you. You can carry the weight of your cares, or Jesus can carry you. You can carry the guilt of your past, or you can recognize that Jesus has already come to carry it on your behalf.

In our sinful weakness, we often behave like the man straining to carry the world. When that happens, come to repentance. Look to Jesus. See him carrying the world. See him carrying you. Rest in his forgiveness.  Rest in his promises. It’s the only way to live.

When we allow Jesus to carry the world, when we give up trying to control our lives and the world around us, we will be living in true balance.  We will have Gospel Balance.

Here is what that looks like at Life Church Austin:

Blessing :: We are a people who Bless. The Gospel of Christ has changed each of us and impacted our lives in many different and amazing ways. Because of this, we strive constantly to bless others by praying, listening, eating, serving and sharing the gospel with others by the telling and living out of the Good News.

Praying :: We are a people who Pray. Praying is one the greatest gifts God has given us, to be able to connect and talk with the Father just as Christ demonstrated for us. We are committed to seeking God by dwelling in His presence in times of prayer. This is our time to lift up the name of God, to see His Kingdom come and His will be done.

Learning :: We are a people who Learn. Our walk with Christ is a journey. As brothers and sisters in Christ and as Partners at Life Church Austin, we strive always to be growing and maturing in our faith, as well as encouraging each other to grow spiritually.  We do this at the feet of Christ, as we pour over His Word.  We are committed to becoming learners of the scripture.

Communing :: We are a people who Commune. All that we do at Life Church Austin we do in community with God and each other. Each of our rhythms should be practiced in community, and we should each be held accountable by our community to do them.  As we commune with God, this prepares us to commune with our church family and others.

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