The Call To Be Missional

Are you struggling to get your head wrapped around this idea of Missional Living? Here are some practical steps:

Step 1: Think through places you continually go to, restaurants, shopping, coffee, gym, job, etc., and simply ask God, "Why have you put me here?" 

Remember John 20:21, as the Father has sent Me, I also send you.  We are a sent people, so let’s be intentional when we are naturally out and about.  God sends us all over the place and we are to enter those places understanding that we are God’s ambassador.

Step 2: When God brings certain people or situations to mind, ask God, "What's next with this place/people?" Wait and listen for an answer.  Trust that God will answer you if you quiet yourself to hear Him.

Praying for others is truly an act of worship.  Check out I Timothy 2:1, I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.”

Step 3: Follow through with what he tells you. It doesn't matter how stupid or small it seems. It could be to over-tip, say hello to someone, ask someone how they are doing, go to the place more often, etc.  It could even be to seek prayer requests!

John 4:4-26 is a great example of following the Holy Spirit’s promptings in a social setting.

Read John 4:4-26

Step 4: Keep asking "Spirit, what's next?" and keep doing what he tells you. You'll be amazed how he answers and what he does.

Just like in John 4, as the conversation unfolded, Jesus allowed His conversation to lead to a life changing event.

Now, not all promptings from the Holy Spirit will be as spectacular as this one, but your “small act” will be one of many in that persons life that may lead to them embracing Jesus as Lord.

Every blessing moves someone one step closer to declaring Jesus as Lord.  This is called sowing the seeds of the Good News.

This is simple mission that relies on the Spirit in the everyday normal life. It is Jesus’ mission...and He will guide us and empower us.


  1. Nice post! Permission comes from The Holy Spirit. Be bold in love.

  2. Thanks Brian! To truly commit to a lifestyle of blessing, we must rely on the Holy Spirit to help us ask and answer a very simple question throughout each day: "How can I be a blessing right now?"

    When we find ourselves asking that question, then we will truly be committed to living life as a blessing.