Including Your Children in Missional Living

"I think one of the things you could do, it's very simple, is choose to make your home one of the most hospitable places in the community."

Think about what that means for your children, your neighbors, your community and the Kingdom of God. It may not mean building a half-pipe in your backyard, but how can you create an environment for your children to minister to their friends?

Are you willing to have 30 kids in your back yard on a normal Saturday afternoon?  How about wearing out your carpet?  Willing to stain up your couch?

Remember, "don't love your physical possessions more than you love your children and more than you love the children in your neighborhood. Your carpet will get worn. Your couch will get stained. That wornness and that stain lives to the Glory of God if it's been stained in ministry."

What are your children into and how can you be involved in it? But make your home a hospitable place. Bring those relationships into your domain and watch what God will do.


  1. As Bethany is getting older, we are trying more and more to allow her to create ministry opportunities to be loving and a blessing to her friends.

    I love how Tripp breaks down how a lot of our missional living stuff starts at home. If we aren't willing to be hospitable with our neighbors and our children's "neighbors," then loving as Christ loved will be difficult, if not impossible.

  2. Nice video. Giving through hospitality, but more than hospitality: building places where Jesus can richly work through us, places we feel His abundant love and love others vibrantly.

    "It is within our power to create places that are worthy of our affection." - James Howard Kunstler