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Today, I came across a book entitled, Age of Consent: A Sex Tourist Guide. It promotes sex tourism, in which hundreds of thousands of children are forced into sex slavery and trafficking around the world.

What is shocking is that you can buy this on Amazon for less than $5! Or free if your an Amazon Prime member!

You and I can do something about this.  If you feel led (and I pray that you do), please take 5 minutes to let Jeffery Bezos, President and CEO of Amazon.com Inc, that you would like this book removed.

Please ask him to stop selling this book, remove it from his website and put together some kind of mechanism to screen and prevent books like this from being sold.

Child trafficking and exploitation are in part fueled by sex tourism.  Increasingly, to our frustration, this trend in tourism is becoming more and more prevalent.  At the fringes of this trend, pedophiles are using mainstream means to exploit children.  This book supports and aids sex tourism.

Here are three ways you can help:

1) Write a letter.  A good ol' fashioned letter is really impactful.  It shows that you took the time to write/print it out and mail it off.  It's huge!  Here is a picture of mine...

You can download the sample letter to Jeff Bezos here: www.146taskforce.org/resources-community/letter-amazoncom

2) Send an email.  The sample template for the letter can be used for the email as well.  While I understand that it is much more convenient to send an email, I encourage you to write a letter if you can-- it speaks much more powerfully, and is more difficult to ignore.

Here is his email address: Jeff Bezos jeff@amazon.com 

3) Spread the Word. Send this information to your contacts, facebook friends, twitter followers and the rest of your community to make sure Amazon hears from many voices.


*At 3:00pm yesterday we launched our new Love146 Task Force on-line Community. We featured an "Action Item" requesting Amazon remove a sex tourism book called "Age Of Consent". Over the last 24 hours, our volunteer Task Forces and friends responded. Late this afternoon The Huffington Post picked up the story. By 8:30pm tonight Amazon had removed the title from its product offering. Thanks to our volunteers and friends. Thanks to Amazon. This is the collective shout at work.

*From Love146

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