Here is some more info on Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers. Praying that God reveals Himself to you this week as you meditate on this.


Meaning - “one who is sent out.”

Characteristics – visionary, pioneering, always pushing into new territory, innovative

Biblical Examples – the Twelve, Paul, Priscilla and Aquilla

Jesus’ Example – Jesus was the One sent by God. (John 3:16, 20:21)

What do they enjoy – dreaming, doing new and challenging tasks, change

Examples in the World – entrepreneurs, self-starters, explorers

Core Question – “Are we leading the people of God to their destiny?”

Immaturity – confused between God ideas and self ideas, struggle to discern, don’t stick around, jump around always seeking “new” callings, people will stop following an immature apostle.


Meaning – “one who hears and listens to God.”

Characteristics – quiet, observant, big picture people, problem solvers, see solutions in dim places, understand people

Biblical Examples – Anna and Simeon (Luke 2; prophesied over infant Jesus), Agabus (Acts 11, 21; predicted famine and prophesies about Paul), Philip’s daughters (Acts 21)

Jesus’ Example – Every word spoken was revelation from God, foretelling of events in Peter’s life and His own death

What do they enjoy – Being alone with God, waiting and listening

Examples in the World – People who speak out the perceptions, creative types, musicians and artists

Core Question – “Are the people of God hearing His voice and responding appropriately?”

Immaturity – When they sense God saying something, they try to interpret it themselves and don’t release the Word from God to the family for interpretation. Prophet’s job is hear, share and release what they have heard and let the body respond to it. REVELATION to INTERPRETATION to APPLICATION. Immature prophets try to go from revelation to application and leave out the body. They also assume they are always right and in fact, they often are, but this create room for false confidence, arrogance, an attitude this overly critical.


Meaning – “one who brings good news”

Characteristics – love spending time with non-Christians and Christians alike, people gathers, magnetic people, influencers, mature evangelist are knowers of the Word and can make it relevant to non-Christians, not timid about faith, easily share with others about God’s work

Biblical Examples – Philip (Acts 8; Ethiopian)

Jesus’ Example – Jesus embodies and is the Good News, Samaritan woman at the well (John 3)

What do they enjoy – discussion and sharing their point of view, love drawing others into Gospel conversations, love sharing God’s story and how He has shaped their story

Examples in the World – salesmen, politicians, public relations reps

Core Question – Are new people entering into the Kingdom of God?

Immaturity – have a reductionist view of Gospel (just trying to help people avoid hell), tend to make Christian life all about afterlife, miss out on Kingdom living today, discipleship is not a priority, tend to be a love you and leave you kind of people,


Meaning – “one who shepherds God’s people”

Characteristics – tender hearted, sees the needs of others, comforter, encourager, empathizer, patience

Biblical Examples – Barnabas (defends Mark; Acts 15)

Jesus’ Example – Jesus is the Good Shepherd who came to lead His people (John 10)

What do they enjoy – one on one chats, showing hospitality, speaking Truth into others lives, burdened by others’ problems, enjoy listening to others, easy to talk to, share inner feelings

Examples in the World – counselors, social workers, nurses, anyone in the care-giving profession

Core Question – Are the people of God caring for and showing compassion for people?

Immaturity – don’t help people move out of brokenness, pain and suffering, often lack confidence to push or challenge people to move forward out of fear that suffer would get angry


Meaning – “one who holds forth the truth”

Characteristics – excited about sharing/instructing

Biblical Example – Apollos (Acts 18)

Jesus’ Example – often referred to as Teacher or Rabbi, taught with authority

What do they enjoy – reading, studying and learning (mature teachers will include God’s Word), helping people understand teachings

Examples in the World – teachers, professors, lecturers, trainers, public speakers

Core Question – Are the people of God immersing themselves in Scripture and incarnating it?

Immaturity – idolize Scripture over God, forget the big picture, lesson oriented, miss out on the relationship of living and breathing God, rely on own intellect/skill to “wow” people, arrogant in teaching, thinking power comes in intellect instead of knowing it come from the power of a transformed life in Christ

***All these roles also have a similar immature characteristic… People choose not to step up to their role and live in God’s grace. It’s His power and Spirit that allows to do these ministries, TRUST HIM!

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