Super Bowl Sunday... Don't waste it!

This Sunday night, millions and millions of people will sit down across the world in living rooms, pubs and backyards and watch the Super Bowl. This happens every year and most of the time, we [the church] miss out on a great opportunity.

Let's make sure we don't waste this opportunity this year. You still have time to leverage the big game for God's mission. Throw a party, attend a party... do something! I know the Botellos and the Carvalhos are having Super Bowl parties. Amy and I will be inviting our neighbors over for the game in hopes of building better relationships with them. If you are not hosting a party, then wiggle your way into a party, just do something!

So, whether you are hosting a party or attending one, this Sunday night will be a perfect time to truly live out your mission. Here are a couple of items that will you
help really take advantage of this opportunity... or any opportunity God grants you.
  • Before your event, pray! Then pray some more! Pray that God would draw the person on your heart towards Him.
  • During your event, prayerfully watch and listen to the Holy Spirit to discern where God is working. Then act on it.
  • Look to boldly, humbly, and simply proclaim Christ's work in Your Story and His Story.
  • And remember to be loving, generous and hospitable. If opportunities arise to serve, take them.

Remember, you have been given the Holy Spirit and with it comes the Authority to do amazing things in His Name. Have fun and I'll be praying for amazing things.

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