Tuesday's Tweets ::.. We'll Never Know Enough

Here are a couple of tweets that caught my eye recently... I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

Here is one from Kennon Vaughan from Downline Ministries.

How true is it, that we work and work at becoming experts in the faith and wait and wait to take the smallest of steps to disciple others and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We will never know enough, we can't! It will take a lifetime to get anywhere near "knowing it all" and if we did learn it all, it still would be enough to make disciples. We would still need the Holy Spirit to make disciples!

Here is a great challenge and call to the church from Jeff Vanderstelt, pastor at Soma Communities in Tacoma, WA.

We must do things that require the Holy Spirit! Disciple making will always require the Holy Spirit, so let's put our energy and focus toward that. It's a worthy venture to say the least.

So, don't get caught with your head in a Book. From time to time we must digest God's Word and put His Good News to work. Start discipling someone today!

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  1. The only "know it all" is God Himself. There have been others who thought they knew it all.
    Bullwinkle was Mr.Know it All and that didn;t work too well for him. I know God wants us to be his customer service representatives and our call center should be open every day because we never know when we'll be given an opportunity to serve someone and glorify our loving God. Our circle of influence is bigger than we think!!