Movie Monday :: Missional Community as Family?

Over the last week or so, our Missional Communities [MC] have been discussing how we should live as a family. I remember years ago seeing this ad in a movie theater and being blown away by it. I know, it's an ad for Wal-Mart, but I simply love its message. Our families are not simply those we are related to, but those we surround ourselves with. Go ahead, check it out and imagine what your [MC] could be if it were your family.

After watching that video two things may come to mind, 1) I really want a coke and 2) you may ask, "How are our [MC]s like a family?" I'm glad you asked the latter. Here are few simple characteristics that I believe help our [MC]s become a family.

[MC]s and families....
  • Have a shared vision. What do we exist for? In other words, in what way is this community going to make disciples?
  • Are committed to sharing resources. No one is in need, and we have all things in common. (Acts 2:44-45)
  • Live as an extended family. We understand that we are more than a nuclear family, but more like a family of 10 to 15 people... that's ever growing as more and more family members are adopted in.
  • Have Moms & Dads, or leaders who are in “fathering & mothering” mode. Someone to ensure the family stays together and all head in the same direction.
  • Pray together. Simple.
  • Share a common meal... often. Not every once a in a while, but all the time. Breaking bread as family means something; it's where we connect and check in. Without this, the family can be divided.

So, what are you doing to make sure we live as a family? Don't leave it to "mom & dad" to handle it all. So let's all chip in and help, because after all, that's what families do!


  1. Don't want a coke, don't want to joke, just want my LCA family wheel to roll forward with me as a connected spoke. A spoke that's connected to the LCA family wheel with the center being our love for God and knowing Jesus is REAL!! We'll roll along and add to our family, all of the partners standing tall. Jesus and our God are the center of it all... AMEN!!

  2. I am sure there are several things that will need to be shifted in my thinking to truly begin living as a family, but one that comes to mind is celebrating together as a family.

    A couple of weeks ago our [MC] sat down and shared our birthdays with each other, just so we would all be aware of them. One easy thing I did was take those birthdays and put them all in my calendar that I check everyday, through out the day.

    I want to make sure I know those important dates just as I would for Amy and Bethany.

  3. In keeping with the shared vision Susan and I have, I feel one of my roles is to grow the MC/LCA family by adopting more family members. Susan and I are actively pursuing this through prayer and action.

  4. Our family is a Christian family - so, more than a normal family. I want our family to aim higher, aim for Jesus. So, can we take the elements of a normal family - caring, encouragement, commitment, communication, teamwork, openness, growth, etc - and take them to the level of Jesus? I can't do it alone. I need the Holy Spirit and my church family to help me get there. We can all improve together. Can we choose one of these elements, say caring, and explore what Christian caring looks like? Can we agree to practice that level of caring as a family? I think intentional, Christ-centered practice will help us to be the family we want to be.

  5. Ash and I are orienting our lives to make the people in our MC the most important people - the first we notify when something happens, the ones we lean on when we need help, the ones we are making sure are taken care of. We want to become more and more a part of their lives, and as we do, Wednesday night dinners start feeling like an awesome family get-together every week!