Thinking Comes Before Doing

I can remember as a kid how scared I was to ride a bike. Now, I would never admit that back then because, well, I had a reputation to maintain, but I was freaked out. All my friends had bikes and they would terrorize the neighborhood, riding and screaming up and down the block. When my friends would ask me why I wasn’t riding with them I would always blame my dad, “He won’t buy me bike!”

Then the day came when a crappy unclaimed blue banana-seat cruiser showed up in my neighborhood – that changed everything. I did not have an excuse anymore. I had to get on that bike and push those pedals.

And you know what, I DID IT! Not just kind of did it, but did it like a champ. In no time I was the fastest kid on the block, and the gutsiest! There wasn’t a drainage pipe off Wayside Dr. that I didn’t shred or drop into.

But let me back up a bit to share how it all came to be. When the blue banana-seat cruiser showed up down the street, I knew it was go time but did not dare ask anyone to teach me to ride a bike. So before I ever put foot to pedal, I visualized it. Yep, I spent day and night thinking about how I would ride that bike. Every waking moment I spent time thinking about how I would keep my balance, pedal fast and not fall over. I was obsessed!

After thinking about it for a few days, when no one was looking, I grabbed ol’ blue and headed toward the neighborhood gravel mountain. That’s right, my neighborhood had a mountain of gravel that was about 15 feet tall. So I would take this bike (that did not have tires, just bare rims) and climb to the top of the mount, hop on and ride like the wind. A few times I crashed and burned, but most times I would ride the mount and coast to a sweet stop. After awhile I wasn’t coming to a stop at the bottom of the hill, I was off and down the street – perfect balance and pedaling fast!

The point I want to share is — we always think before we do. Always. You may not think very long about something, but you always think before you do. My challenge for you is to think about living sent. Being on mission. Living missionally. Before we will ever really do it, we must dwell on it. We must allow these thoughts to bump around in our heads or we will never last on mission, we will fizzle out.

Think. Think about your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family. Just as I imagined how awesome I would be riding through my ‘hood on that bike, imagine what it would be like to serve, love and share Jesus with those around you. Let God’s mission become your obsession – it’s way cooler than riding a bike!

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