Why Do We Serve?

As you read through the New Testament, you see how Jesus was so dedicated to acts of service. Then the disciples and apostles demonstrate the same selfless serving heart as well as the 1st century church. The letters in the Bible instruct us as believers to be people who are serving the world around us in everyday, ordinary ways.

Serve, serve, serve. But why?

a picture I took of the neighborhood of two people Ashley, Brian and I were able to serve by helping out with groceries and giving them a ride home.
The reason that we see Jesus, his disciples, and the church serving everyone/everywhere is because we (God's children) are supposed to be partnering with our Father in His work of restoring all of creation.

When we read the Bible - the grand story/narrative of the world - we should read it as...


That's the story of the world - from beginning to end. Right now, we post-Redemption (the work done by Jesus on the cross) and moving towards Restoration (the restoring of creation to the way it was intended). When we serve someone, we are joining God in his work of restoration, restoring order in this world of chaos. And this can look like so many things!

Mowing a lawn is no longer tiresome work, but the work of God - giving order and beauty to an overgrown patch of land. Paying for a poor person's meal is no longer a burden, but an opportunity to distribute and manage the blessings God has given you in the way creation was supposed to care for one another. Giving a massage to your spouse is actually not a waste of time (something I need to realize) because it's restoring the strength and wellness of their muscles, a small glimpse of how God will one day restore our bodies completely.

I once heard that a barber said, "I love cutting and combing hair, because that's how I can be like my Father - making order out of chaos." There are so many ways we can join God in his work of restoring creation to the way he intended it to be at creation, before the Fall! You just have to serve the world around you in everyday, ordinary ways for the glory of God.

You're probably already imitating our Father in many ways you didn't even think about. How do you serve others and join God in his work of restoration? How can you begin to serve more?

Then He who sat on the throne said, "Behold, I make all things new." Revelation 21:5


  1. I serve by giving time, treasure, and talent to people and places in our world. But it's purposeful giving - as you said, restorative. But I think it has to glorify God first. I think mere restoration and order can become an idol. How do we restore but give God glory in our acts? Is the answer in what we restore? Is it how we do it? Is it mindset?

    I think we can do more as a church body in restoring. What group service can we do?

    What are the long-term vs. short-term restoration implications?

    Is it a question of how we restore others to God rather than restore others to order?