No Discipleship | No Mission

Check out this quote from Alan Hirsch in Untamed:

“The church must become missional or fade into increasing irrelevance in the 21st Century. But we simply cannot get there from here without factoring discipleship into the equation. We can’t have one without the other: if there be no mission there can be no discipleship, and if there is no discipleship there will be no mission. And there can be no missional church if there is no disciple-making church–it’s as simple as that. If ever there was a time to recover the true meaning of the Great Commission to make disciples of the nations it is now.”

Discipleship is key to living on mission and living on mission is key to being discipled. We must view these two concepts together because the hinge on one another. If we are content with weak or water-down discipleship, then we will have a weak commitment to living on mission.

How is your discipling relationship going? Is it watered-down? If we are going to be serious about living on mission then we need to step up our commitment to discipling one another.

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