5 Tips for Livng Sent

So real quick I want to share 5 tips to living sent in your world. Call it living on mission, living missionally or just being like Christ… it’s all good. Here they go in no particular order.

1. Understand that you have been sent to receptive people. Having the same conversation with that hard-headed co-worker is getting you nowhere. You have been sent to love, serve and share Christ with those who have open hearts. Find those guys! Spend time praying for them, looking for them in your neighborhood, classrooms, offices and favorite coffee shops. Don’t ignore those who are resistant! Watch how they live, see what’s going on in their world, and be prepared if your opportunity comes. Devote most of your time to those who are looking and interested in who Christ is.

2. Study the world around you. Be aware of trends in your local area. Know what’s going down around you. Figure out how to make the gospel of Christ understandable to those living and playing around you. Share your hobbies with them, have a coffee or a beer with them… know them and go be with them.

3. Ask God to help. Be led by the Holy Spirit in your sentness. Petition God to reveal the right times, the right places and the right tools needed to reach others for Christ. We make it so hard on ourselves when we go all “G.I. Joe – USA” and do things on our own. Allow God’s Spirit to fill you, guide you and lead you to conversations.

4. Don’t forget to talk about Jesus. When it is all said and done, if you never mention Jesus, you are not living sent. We must get up the nerve to speak Jesus into the lives of others around us. Take time and energy to think through what this means for each person you share with. There is no “cookie cutter” way this happens. What works for Jo-Jo will most likely not work for Jorge. Don’t be afraid to get creative… or even slack. Play video games, grab dinner, fly a kite… just find ways to connect Jesus with what you are doing.

5. Simplify man, Simplify! Your life should be simple. Make time for things God has called you to do and avoid things that distract or bog you down. If you live a simple life, you have fewer things that will call to you as temptations. Christ tells us that it is hard for a rich man to get into heaven… and we are all rich. In America, we have so much and we can be thankful for that, but we must also be aware of the dangers to having too much… or being responsible for so much that we forsake our mission in life to make sure we can pay our bills and pay for our hobbies.

I hope these help! I would love to hear your thoughts on these.

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  1. Prayer is integral. Too often, I try to rely on my own power and pride. If I instead trust in God, then I can be led in conversations to His glory.

    I share hobbies with others. But, I have difficulty relating Jesus to them. Really, Jesus is in even the simple things of life. I see Jesus in obedience, hope, love, forgiveness, kindness, moderation, spirit, direction, art, music, work: many things. I don't have to wait for deep relationships before speaking of Jesus. Do I just need to see the good in others, the potential for Jesus in their lives, and speak to that?