There's Something About Easter.

There's something about Easter...

Something about the bunny rabbits that lay eggs, the pastels, and all the chocolates. There's something about Easter that makes parents dress their kids up like that -->

And there's something about Easter that makes people open and willing to going to church.

Whether it's the bunnies, colors, or the chocolate highs, something about it all makes people say, "Sure, I guess I'll come hang out at your church. Just this once."

And what a better time than Easter? When we are remembering when our Savior conquered death, defeated sin, resurrected from the dead! I'd love for my friend to hear about that - to hear that in Jesus their is new life for him. That would be neat.

In the last blog post, we talked about how the best way we can truly love someone is by sharing with them the thing in this world that is best for them, better than anything we could ever buy them or do for them - the Good News about Jesus.

So this week, if you want to show real love to your friends/family/co-workers by sharing with them the one thing they were created for, invite them to hear about and experience the story of Jesus. This Sunday we'll be hanging out at Cowan, like we always do, and remembering what Christ did for us on the cross and the new life we have in him because he defeated death.

If you "Adopt a Table" by bringing a few friends along, then you're sharing the gospel and inviting them to experience what it looks like to be part of the family of Christ.

Looking forward to Easter Sunday! There's something about it all - bunnies and pastels - that makes people want to hear about Jesus for one day of the year. So I'll see you all at Cowan. Can't wait to introduce you to a couple of my friends!

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