If we take seriously the call to follow Jesus...

If that doesn't draw you in as a follower of Christ, check yourself. So, what is the "call to follow Jesus?"

It actually means a lot of stuff, but I want to focus on one particular "stuff."

It means if we want to truly follow Jesus we much
engage. Engage is defined as, "to occupy the attention or efforts of a person or persons." Following Jesus will mean getting the attention of those around us who are not already occupied by Christ.

In Exiles, Michael Frost puts it this way:

"It will mean practicing the presence of Jesus in our inner life as well as through our outward actions. By living expansive lives of justice, kindness, hospitality and generosity, we model the life of Jesus to those who would never attend a church service or read the New Testament. We will, like Jesus, go naked and empty-handed to others, with no motive other than to show grace and practice mercy. Well, whether we like it or not, sooner or later someone is going to ask us why we live the way we do."

It is at this time that every follower must be prepared to name the name of Jesus Christ and share His story. It's our opportunity to share the gospel of Christ. If we take seriously the call to follow Jesus, we will engage those who are unengaged. As Frost say, we cannot demonstrate Christlikeness at a distance from those we feel called to serve. We need to get close enough to people that our lives rub up against their lives and that they see the incarnated [the embodiment of] Christ in our values, beliefs and practices as expressed in ways that make sense and impact them.

If you were to embody Christ, how would your values, beliefs and actions differ?

Who is God putting in your life that He wants you to engage?

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