i love God. and cheeseburgers.

We talk about love a lot.

As people, we love to love. And use the word love.

But what does Love really mean? What does it look like to Love someone or something?

Because we say things like, "I love cheeseburgers." Or, "I love reading books and watching movies." Or, "I love my family." And all of those are so different. The word Love has become distorted and sometimes watered down to mean nothing. Because we love to use the word Love.

Especially as Christians. Because we sometimes think of Love as our job description - to Love God and Love People. And in Missional Community, many weeks we ask, "How have we been able to serve people out of Love this week?"

I think Christians fall into this misunderstanding of love as often as anyone. When we try to "love others with a Christ-like love", we try to love them in a worldly way. We try to love them by making much of them or by boosting their self-esteem.

This isn't the kind of love that Christ displayed. He didn't try to make much of people. His aim was not boosting their self-esteem. He didn't hold up a mirror to people and try to get them to like what they saw. Many times he did the exact opposite.

But real Love, the kind of Christ-like Love that we should aim for, is simply doing what is best for someone. And making the self the object of our attention and affection is not what is best for anyone. We were designed to love and make much of our Creator. And through loving and savoring Him, we are truly and completely satisfied and full of eternal joy.

"Not to show people the all-satisfying God is not to love them. To make them feel good about themselves when they were made to feel good about seeing God is like taking someone to the Alps and locking them in a room full of mirrors." - John Piper

The best way to love others is to show them the all-satisfying God.  Take them out of the room of mirrors and show them the Alps. That's love.

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