It's Always the Little Things

Isn't it funny how the little things seem to make the biggest impact. I remember when I was younger, if you served pizza at any event, me and my buddies were there.

"You gonna have basketball?"

"I'm there!"

It's the little things that lead us to great discoveries. I gave my life to Christ at a camp with hot girls and sports everywhere. At that time, all you needed to get my attention was have something sports related and some good looking girls around and I was game. When I was a student pastor I would always have pizza, video games and sports going on at all events. Parents would often ask me why I would "waste" resources on stuff like that, wasn't the gospel of Jesus enough? It is, but why not have some fun while you are at it. I also knew some kids wouldn't step foot in a church unless there was something awesome and fun going on... like hot girls, pizza and basketball.

I have had the opportunity to lead a bunch of kids Christ while playing football and basketball on a Saturday afternoon. Some of those kids are now Ducks and Aggies and are still playing football on Saturdays in stadiums filled with 90,000+ fans.

It's always the little things.

A soccer ball is a little thing. You can get one for about 4 bucks! That's not much at all.

It's cool that something that costs $4 can help thousands. Giving a school in Malawi one soccer ball can free up a missionary to share the gospel of Jesus to thousands of kids and their families. I love it! In Texas, it takes football and basketball to get kids open to hearing the life-changing gospel and in Malawi, all it takes is a soccer ball. Kids are kids no matter where they come from.

Life Church Austin is sending soccer balls to Malawi to help missionaries get into a handful of schools so they can share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Would you like to help me get some of those soccer balls? A couple of bucks could make an eternal difference.

To help, email me at terry.ishee@lifechurchaustin.com.

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  1. I love that no one has commented that the above soccer ball has a picture of South America and not Africa.